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OK, I am ISO of a "Pepperberry" FO that would be comparable to a disco'd scent from Old Timer & Lily called "Pepperberry Sorbet". The funny thing (or Insane) is, I have never smelled the actual FO. Yes thats true, I received a bar of CP in a swap, and I cannot stop sniffing it. It was mixed with Lemon Sugar, which I can find. But this Pepperberry Sorbet, is there another out there that is similar? I am lost, what should I do? The nice soap maker sent me her last 2 bars, which was very kind. Any suggestions, my sisters keep stealing my little slices. LOL (besides hiding my stash) :sad2:

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I dont know if this is the same scent you are asking about but BackWoods has a Pink Pepperberry....

The tantalizing aroma of freshly-ground pink peppercorn accented by winter berries, orange clove and bayberry leaf. Warm woody tonalities and aromatic spices add richness and definition.

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