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Time for a new scale!

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OK, so we went out last night and bought ourselves a presto pot, and today I am going to shoot over to Home Depot to get the fittings I need to make it into a wax melter (pictures will be up when it's done.)

My question is...what is a good scale to use.

We want something that is pretty accurate so we can measure FO by weight, something that is heat resistant, because it is our intention to measure by weight wax which is already melted (in a pouring pot), and if possible I would like it to be digital.

I'm willing to spend around 100 bucks on this, so long as it's something that will last me a while and fits what I need.

For us this is still a hobby so it's OK to sink money into it without worrying about return yet. ;)


Chris and Lisa

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I don't know what is good or not, but when I buy a new one, I want one that does not have an automatic shut off. It happens to me way to often that mine turns off on me in middle of me measuring out something.

Some features that are helpful and I like:

measures in both grams and oz

tear button (so you can zero out the bowls you are pouring things into)


Hope that helps :)

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The MyWeigh i Balance 201. Go to OldWillKnottScales.com, they sell for under a $100.00 and it measures .01. I have gone through two scales from Wally World (one is still working) that are postal scales and run on batteries. Yes, it drives you crazy when you turn back around and the scale has turned itself off. The iBalance 201 has an ac adapter and you can turn off the automatic setting. You won't really have a big deal problem starting out with a cheap postal scale for about $10.00 but later you will wish you had gone ahead and gotten a decent scale. HTH


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I have a kd-7000, i really like it.. but it has the auto shut off. I havent found one without the shut off yet.
I'll second the KD 7000. It has a plug in adapter and I love it. It was also around $35 dollars which was even better!

Well with 2 suggestions for the KD 7000, I decided to go with the KD brand, and picked up the KD 8000, I got it on Amazon with the AC adaptor and the other spill shield accessories for 46 dollars, and because I hate to wait for stuff I of course had it shipped second day air for another 14 dollars.

I really like the fact that it did everything I wanted, AND has a % based measuring system, so I could measure my wax in my pouring can, and start using the suggested max load %'s on the wax without having to figure out what other weights I am using.

Thanks for everyone's suggestion, and especially with finding a scale with the ability to disable auto shut off, I would not have thought of that!



I also wanted to point out that this one weights up to 8,000 grams which i think is really near 18 lbs. The myweight balance had great features, but only measured up to 200 grams, which is about half a pound. I decided that I could give up the amazing accuracy of the myweigh in favor of a substantial increase in capacity.

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