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Our first double wicked jar

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So my girlfriend and I were out shopping yesterday at a discount store, and found these jars for sale for 75 cents each. We picked one up but looking at the jar it seems like it would be too wide to get a good melt single wicking it with the wicks we have on hand (LX 24 from Candlescience).

So we bit the bullet and shot for our first double wick test!

Here are some pictures, let me know what you guys think, or if you have suggestions for future double wicking endeavors. I have started the first burn today to see how the jar holds up, and if it does well I might go back to the store and buy everything they have (could be a couple hundred jars).

The container is filled with right around 1 pound of GW 444 soy, and 1.5 FLUID ounces (our scale isn't accurate enough for FO by weight) of candlescience Lemon Chiffon FO. We didn't add color this time because we wanted to see how it went.

We let the jar cool overnight (poured it at like 11 pm and got up at 9am) we heatgunned the top once to fix the choppy top but did nothing else.

Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone (not super quality but not terrible).

We did make sure we had the wicks so they would curl away from each other based upon the braid, but other than that we just guessed!


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I'm not sure why the picture posted that huge :-), Its not that big when I look at it on my pc, but I duno....

Anyways, so after a 4 hour burn and a full cool down...this is what I'm left with...any idea on how to minimize this?


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Yea, I can't seem to figure out why either. We have single wicked the same scent in other jars (mostly small mason jars) and had no issue. The jar is very clean, did my normal dishwasher run and complete dry before pouring. I also heatgunned the jar as normal.

There are no wetspots at all, and again although the initial pour needed a little heatgunning it wasn't bad.

Anyone else have this issue with GW444? No additives were used at all other then FO.

I also just finished the second 4 hour burn, it is cooling now, but I'll have pics up tommorow, I'm hoping that it was just a fluke, as that really looks crappy.


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