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What are the Best Illuminated Warmers


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I am currently selling the Candle Warmers Illuminated Warmers. I have just started selling them and already, one had a bad bulb, one had bad wiring, one is loose where the bulb screws in and one had a chip in the ceramic.

In my opinion that is a few too many problems for the first 10 I have sold.

So I am back searching for the best warmers. Please, any suggestions.

The one good thing I will say is that they have very good Customer Service.

I appreciate any help. Elizabeth

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From experience hun, most any of the companies out there package them very well. We have had them come in with peanuts inside the boxes and jam packed the shipping box with peanuts too and still had broken warmers and broken bulbs. So don't think it's a fact of doing away with "damaged in shipping", what we look for is that amazing customer service, quick responses, fair credit, or replacement.

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