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Recipe for blowing bubbles?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask about this. I'm also not sure of the right thing to call it and therefore had a hard time searching for it in the forum search function.

Basically I'm looking for a good recipe for bubble solution for blowing big bubbles.

I've seem some basic kitchen recipes similar to this:

1 Cup water

2 T glycerin or light Karo syrup

4 T dishwashing liquid

Mix and enjoy.

The problem I have with these recipes is the dishwashing liquid can be so variable, and it seems I might have good results from one batch but not the next.

Now that I have some soap bases and additives around the house, could I possibly make something better? Any suggestions?

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Ditto on the Dawn dishwashing and it has to be the original not the ultra. Usually you can find it at places like drug stores or hardware stores. I get mine at Family Dollar. If you can't find that you can try an older plain old ordinary soap like ajax.

I also use distilled water and the solution gets better if you let it sit at least overnight.

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... since I can get a gallon of it at Walmart for $4 or $5 I just buy it! Half of it ends up spilled all over the driveway anyway!
OH HOW I MISS WALMART! For some reason, bubble stuff is expensive here in Australia, a quart might cost $8 Aus ($6.50 US). I think it is shipped into the country pre-mixed so we are paying for the transport of the water :(
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Hi Jonsie

Try the $2 shops or check out Spotlight/Lincraft but they are usually more expensive. Not sure whats in WA but here in NSW we have Sams Warehouse, GoLo etc...places like that always have cheap bubble stuff. I cant buy it for my kids cos when it runs down their arms it flares the eczema


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Thanks Tammy. I'm very jealous you have a Sams Warehouse! But I am sorry to hear the bubble stuff flares up your children's eczema.

I'll see if I have any luck with any of my liquid soap supplies. I may also ask the local soap supplier if they have any suggestions. Maybe they know of something that won't be irritable to sensitive skin.

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