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Wax cracked around wick while burning

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I've been using GB 464 for well over 3yrs now, usually get it from Candle science along with Eco wicks. I noticed this time around however the Eco wicks were stiffer then from previous purchases.

Well, now I'm getting a small crack around the wick when burning. It's a bit down further from the wick. I've never had this happen in all three years that I've been using this combo of wax/wicks. So far it doesn't seem to be tunneling. Would it be the wick is too hot for the wax? I was using CDN's but switched to Eco wicks because seem to burn more consistent tthen CDN's for GB 464.

I've posted a picture what it looks like. I blew the wick out because I couldn't take a decent pick of it while burning.


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It may be the Wax...Several People recently have commented about the Change in the 464 wax , Including myself (I got it from CS too) They (they CS) said it was just normal , but it is way different to me from the past 3 yrs of using it.:undecided

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