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Beeswax candle makers-wick question

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Hi beeswax-ers!

Just wondering what wicks you all use for:




I have found a wick that works great on votives. However, I get it froma small craft store that does not label with the TYPE of wick it is. The bag simply says "X feet of braided wick" (or something)

Anyway, was wondering if any of you could give me numbers! :D


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For my tapers I use #2 square braid and my 3" pillars I use a #3 sq. braid. I don't do many votives, but have used LX14 or 16 depending on the scent. My tapers & pillars are unscented usually.

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i'm interested to hear more on wicking beeswax as well. i've had poor luck here. poured a 2inch straight beeswax pillar with #1 square braid and the wick doesn't lite very well. the melt pool is fine but flame is weak. the same thing happended when i poured a 1.5 inch pillar with a flat braid (forgot the #-must keep better notes!). any ideas why beeswax may be inhibiting my flame???

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