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ISO: Glass, ceramic, or laquer soap dishes


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I am trying to find a wholesaler who sells more upscale soap dishes. Right now I package gift items with wooden soap dishes but I would like to also offer other types of soap dishes for people who prefer a more modern look. If anyone can recommend a company that sells these types of soap dishes at wholesale prices please let me know. So far I have found Couronne Co. but they only offer 3 types of clear recycled glass soap dishes. They are nice but different colored glass, ceramic or laquer soap dishes would be nice. I have found some but not at wholesale prices so they are very expensive.

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Thanks tlc, those are beautiful and I have been to this website before. My concern is the cost. $11 - $15 might be nice for me to buy for myself, but would someone buy a gift set that would include something that expensive? My gift sets with wooden dishes sell for $8 to $16. Changing out the wooden soap dish for the glass or ceramic ones would up the price quite a bit for me to make any profit.

Since these are handmade I certainly think the prices are fair. Just not sure I can recoup the cost.

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yikes.. yeah I dont know, IKEA has these ones...


which I would think you could stain, or paint any color you wanted.. to give them a more upscale feel.

They could be decoupagued and laquered as well, I know there are waterproof laquers out there.. but thats more work for you.

These are kinda interesting... http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80162550

I'd want to see them in person but they are kinda cool, cant really tell if they have a lid or what?!

Before I started buying these ikea ones My husband and I made some really cute, more modern looking ones by simply cutting 4" lengths of solid pine trim that was about 1" thick, using his drill press to cut holes, sanding, staining (we stained most of them mahogany) and sealing it, and adding tiny wood feet - those round wood balls you find in craft stores that are actually used as doll heads.. they worked perfectly!

We made 36 dishes for the price of one 12' pine board and a few bags of the round wood balls. Lots of elbow grease but it only took a few hours and they were a hit! I simply stopped making them because the ikea ones are so cheap and effortless... and they looked more upscale because of the simple design and dark wood.

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