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I was curious as to what everyone's burn times are for their soy candles. Hopefully I am in the right area when it comes to burn times for my candles. I use 415 with no dyes or additives. I do use UV inhibitor at the recommended manufacturers amount of 1 teaspoon pp.

So far here is what I am getting:

8 oz jj 45-55 hours.

12 oz jj 60-75 hours.

7 oz frosted tumblers 40-60 hours.

Just wondering if I am in the right ball park for my candles burn times. It seems I have a wide range, depending on the FO and wick. And I do use different % of FO and wicks depending on the FO I am using.


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I personally couldn't tell you how many hours my candles get and I would never tell a customer a certain amount of hours either. Everyone burns candles differently, so the hours you get out of a candle could be totally different than I get out of the same candle. A lot depends on if a person only burns for a couple hours at a time, or power burns a candle for 10 straight hours.

The only thing that really matters with my candles is that they burn clean and throw fantastic!! :cool2:

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Thanks ChrisR. I was just kind of wondering. So far I have had great results with burn times--and having a a good clean burn.

I too would never tell a customer a set amount of hours a candle would burn. When I test them I always keep track of how long they burn, the times etc. I asked just to get some feedback on what others using the same wax/containers get.


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