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Marbles and Bubbly Wicks


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Are marbles or those glass stones with the flat bottoms okay in gel candles? I'm actually not planning to burn the one I'm making (for my sick kitty, to remember her by) but you never know. They'll only be at the bottom.

Also, can you treat get wicks the same as paraffin by saoking them in the wax? I want the least amount of bubbles around the wick as possible.

Also, assuming the marbles are okay, would they have a lot of bubbles? I'm thinking I should pour a small amount of gel in, then set the marbles in, then pour the rest of the way. Yes?

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Glass marbles are fine but make sure you crimp your wick above the marbles. You want to stop the flame before it get to the marbles.

You can soak the wicks in the gel if you want it doesn't not hurt it.

I set my marble and just pour a layer to barely cove the marbles then let that cool when ready to pour the rest of the candle I hit the top with a heat gun to warm up just the very top of the gel before pouring the rest of the candle.

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