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I got nine oils and for now can only rate oob. I think that I might make tarts with them this weekend to see how they incorporate with wax. If they do mix, then I will try candles. I bought nine perfume dupe oils in the bulk section and total cost was about $66 shipped.

Six of the oils were very close/exact to the original:

Cool Water (L)

Oscar de La Renta (L)


Marc Jacobs Lola

Chanel Chance

Chanel Coco

Two of the oils were not dupes, but still pretty:


Eternity (L)

One of the oils I don't know what to say ):

Tresor (had an orange asprin smell to it)



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I think the common scents is on the same lines. I bought some "FO" from them.. will not mix in ANYTHING! not cyclo, not fco, not jojoba. Bummed me out cuz they are the only place that I can find Euphoria Spring Temptation. So I just put in a roller the way it came.. works fine, but I wanted to make stuff with that scent. it's fabulous! :(

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