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Wet spots with 6006 and 15% added soy

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Okay I have been adding the extra 15% soy to my 6006 the last month or so and really like that in terms of no sink holes and no re-pours. Great tip!

However I am still having issues with wet spots and my impression from people that used this combo was that they didn't get wet spots anymore. I have read the boards and know there a lot of tips. Can anyone that uses this wax combo share with me what you do.

Currently I set my oven temp to 170 (lowest it will go) and leave my jars in there until right before I pour when I take them out and put my wicks in them. I pour around 185. I have heard of leaving them in the oven to cool but how would I do that and still keep the other jars warm and it seems like my wax would slosh around a little when I put it in the oven leaving lines. I don't want that.

Should I just cool in a box and cover? I have done that before I tried this new wax combo. It's actually waming up here and I have my jars inside so I don't think it's overly cool in my house.

I also have a heat gun. Would it be beneficial to hit the jars with this right before I pour.

Just when I though I had it figured out I still am seeing the occasional wet spot!

I currently cool on my counter top on a towl but I might either try putting them on a heating pad(as I saw mentioned here) although I am limited on how many I could do at a time or try the box method again.:sad2:

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Hmm......I do the same as you.

I start heating my wax the day before I pour. Heat up to 185-190 and turn down to 150 until the next day. Then up to 190 again and pour at 185 or so into room temp jars. I crowd them together for cooling on a formica topped pouring table on newspaper. I haven't had to cover them, etc...

I make sure my candle shop is around 75-80 degress while I'm pouring and no drafts.

I do find that cinnamons (red hot, cinnamon, home sweet home type) will give me some wet spots, but only a few, but not any others.

I don't know what to tell you.

What soy are you using? Could that be the culprit? Just grabbing at straws.

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I have been using ezsoy from BC since it's local although I have wondered if there might be another type I should try.

Is it possible that I am getting the jars too warm and it would be better to pour them at room temperature. I think I'll experiment in the next couple of days and try different things and see if something works better for me.

I originally though it might be my containers as I have been playing with the libbey cubes a lot (and they are pretty thick) but I poured some tureens and they did the same thing.

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I use 6006 no soy added. I wick my containers, put them on a cookie sheet as close together as I can get them. Heat them in my oven 175 with the door open. I dont take them out until I am ready to pour them. I pour and leave them on the cookie sheet to cool. So far no wet spots.

Your containers might be getting too cool by the time you wick them. Try wicking them before you put them in the oven.


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Pour into room temp jars (clean of course) at a pouring temp of 185. You shouldn't have any wet spots. You may notice tiny dots as the candle cures and you will definitely see a break down of adhesion after the candle is lit and burns. Otherwise, the adhesion is excellent as long as you pour into room temp jars and just leave out on the counter. HTH.


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