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Remelting Wax - Tortoise shell in particular

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This wax is going to put me in the funny farm :pWe are having such inconsistent results with our "patterns" I want to scream.... anyway, my question is - does remelting the same wax (like 2-3 times) affect the wax in an adverse way? Don't know if anyone has an opinion on that. I know regular soy or paraffin wax it wouldn't affect, but just wondering if it hurts the palm wax..................

just a small note - we are having pretty good luck with the RRD 40 nst 2 wicks and also the CSN 14... now if we could just get them to look like they're supposed to !

Thanks so much

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I've been remelting it multiple times with no apparent ill effects. Still looks and burns the same.

I agree than only CSN and NST2-treated wicks have a fighting chance. But so far I am getting distinctly better results with RRD NST2 than CSN.

As far as getting it to look good, I think I have that nailed. It helps motivate the wick testing because it's such a nice looking wax and throws exceptionally well. If you can post good photos of your problems and a description of what procedure produced them, it's possible I could help with the pattern thing.

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