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Bath Bomb Colorants

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I've used the wilton icing dye's, they work great! I think what attracts me to them most is that a tiny bit goes a very very long way, they are cheap, and they wont stain the tub (maybe if you used a ton.. but you'd have to work really hard at it ;). TBK pops work fantastic as well. To use those most effectively, I mix them with my oils before adding to the mix.. and remember with pops you dont need much.

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I have the ones from brambleberry, but i find that they are not dark enough. So I did some research and found that some use wiltons icing dye so I got some and next batch i will try that.


It does take alot of the colorant to get colors from these. But I found that if I mix them with a bit of witch hazel for incorporating them in my mixture, they work a bit better.

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