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Vibrant dye colors?

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Thanks to you all helping me figure out that fluorescent dye chips clog the wicks (which explains why I couldn't wick rain water properly).

I mainly use liquid dyes. I would really like some fun colors though for things such as a bright orange for cooc mango, a pretty bright blue, bright pink and maybe even a lime.

I love the looks of some of the bright candles I have see for certain scents. Just not sure the best way to achieve this.

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I second CS's green...Key West Green. I use it to dye my candles with CS's Violet Lime. Just one drop per pound (in my 4627) and it's a nice, bright shade. Not neon, but brighter than I'd be able to get using regular green (or blue + yellow) liquid dye. Haven't tried the Summer Breeze but I probably should have gotten it when I started making NG's Blue Agave!

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