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Northstar recommendations for soy, please.

Judy, USMC

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I'm using CB-135 and had a lot of success with Country Berry. Running low and need to place another order. Would love some recommendations rather than paying shipping for one fragrance.

What recommendations I've found are in really old posts. :(

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I need the Country Berry (again) for the spring ... still looking for recommendations. If you can't recommend their oils could you just review what they have to offer and clue me in on what you think would be interesting to try? I'm going to order the sample pack this time.


Thanks for any help ...

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I have never purchased anything from this company before but they seem to offer a pretty good selection of oils.

The ones that peaked my interest are..

Berry Tangerine

Creamy Vanilla

Island Breeze

Sparkling Melon Medley

Sugar Cookie

Vanilla Pink grapefruit

I just may order a sample pack from this company in the near future. :)

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I have never used thier oils...but if I were testing for new Spring scents that are different from run of the mill florals Iwould want to sample the following:

Amber Sands

Bavarian Edelweiss

Creamy Cinnamon Chai (Cinnamon anything sells all year round for us!)

Hinoki (it sounds "warm" and seems like something guys would enjoy as well.)

Persian Lime Blossom

They also had a Ginger Wasabi that sounded intriguing...and a Ginger Lily.

I think most bakery scents seem to throw decent in soy so if I were you I would just have fun playing with the ones that sound unusual, Hope that helps with your decision making ~ Enjoy! :smiley2:

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dnj & Traveler ~ Thanks for your input. I completely forgot about the Berry Tangerine (it was good) and agree that anything cinnamon sells year-round. There are several others you have mentioned that are definitely going on the list.

IWantItGreen ~ I haven't used the Ultra, but I can tell you that the soy based Country Berry, Berry Tangerine, and Blue Denim (sadly discontinued) worked well in CB-135 which can be finicky with what it wants to throw.

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Judy, I just ordered a sample pack of the "Soy Based" FO's I realize this is an older post, just wondering if you did order and what you think? Anyone else? I ordered:

Angel Wings

Creamy Cinnamon Chai-WOW OOB

Creamy Vanilla


Fresh cut Tulips

Fresh Plumeria


Hot Spiced Vanilla

Lily of the Valley

Sweet Pea BBW Type

Tuberose and Jasmine

Wasabi Ginger

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Soy327 - Amazing how different aromas appeal to people. Since I do paraffin, soy and palm I got 2oz of each of these FOs.

Amber Sands

Cinnamon 'n Spiced Apple

French Vanilla (new)


Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet

Twilight Woods

I'll send a pm and we can compare notes ...

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