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Top stated to get a 132 MP wax if im not using f/o. But everyplace I look 132 mp is labled as container wax. Am I compleatly missing something? And peak does not even sell paraffin below 139 mp. The only place I found it is Candlewick. The issue there is that I can only buy 250 feet of wick and not the 10 yards that I can get at peak so I was thinking of switching suppliers.

Also when they say pouring temp varies by application what does that mean? Does pouring temp affect the finished product as far a performance goes?

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Most of the plain paraffin (without additives) that you buy is not really "for" anything. Sometimes it's blended for a specific purpose, but more often it's just a raw material that you can use for all different purposes by using it as-is or in combination with additives and/or blended with another paraffin. Suppliers may label the 132 MP as votive wax or container wax, but it doesn't matter. It's just paraffin.

132 MP paraffin is generally the most suitable type of material for 3-inch unscented pillars. What's more, you already have 140 MP paraffin and that gives you great flexibility. You can blend the two to fine-tune the results to your heart's content. If you buy another 140 MP paraffin you may luck into somwhat better results but basically you're stuck with whatever you get.

Go over to Candles and Supplies. Get a roll of 24-ply and a roll of 30-ply wicking. Buy the wax that says 130 MP container/votive paraffin. Test it straight-up. Later feel free to blend in some of your 140 MP paraffin and see how you can vary your results. You can also try making a tester with a little Vybar (something like 1/2 teaspoon) and see what that does.

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