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textured soap..nope!! instead I gots me some crackin' soap


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I tried to texture my soap last night..left the top off of my wooden mold in all of its soapy glory let it set up and do its thang!

then this morning I went to check on it..and cracks a bound!! but the texture is still there..weird!

its about 60 degrees in the house..

I am guessing I am destined NOT to have textured tops..that or have textured tops with cracks :)

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It sounds like it overheated. Wood molds really hold the heat in. DH once made me a mold using oak even thought I asked for it to be made with pine. Oak is too dense and this mold held the heat in to where every batch overheated regardless of what I did.

If it really bothers you, just trim the tops. Or leave it and the cracks can be part of the texture and look.

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