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I'm thinking about putting together a case of scent samples and I need some input on containers. I was pondering whether or not I could use the little 5 gram mineral make-up jars (polystyrene) like this:


or the hinged polycon (LDPE) 'sample' containers like this:


I've also seen these listed as Polypropylene at some places.

What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not either of these can withstand hot wax. I think I like the little make-up jars better...but not if they're going to melt!

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I've never used either to pour wax into but I use the platic portion cups you get from like a restraunt and those don't melt so I would think these would be just fine. I did try using the little metal containers that come in alittle case a long time ago to make up a sample set of scents but I wasnt happy with those, they just seemed so small so now I just have a bag filled with 1oz portion cups, each labeled with the scents and that works great.


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This is what I used at first http://www.craftamerica.com/storage_containers__page_5.htm

They were great to pass out to friends and wholesale accounts.

I'm now using the 1.5 hex jars. The scent seems to last longer in these

than they did in the plastic containers. My husband built two nice divided boxes for me to showcase my scent samples.

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