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Adding Vybar and Sterin

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I am at my wit's end and ready to jump off a bridge.

Could, would someone please help me?

I have straight paraffin from candlewic with a 140 melt point, I need to know exactly how much vybar 103 and sterin to add per pound of straight paraffin.

I've read everything from "a pinch", "a few grains", to 1/2 teaspoon and even 1 tablespoon per pound of wax for vybar.

I've read everything from 1 tablespoon per 10 pounds to 3 tablespoons per pound for sterin.

Please, please help.

And I have no idea what 1% to 10% means. Can the suggestions be in teaspoons or some sort of measurement I can understand.

Most of my wax had wavy lines. Some is very glossy. I am so tired of burning wax, I just want to scream, give up, and hide under the bed.

And ........Are you suppose to use both? Or only one at a time? When I used vybar without the sterin, the wax was to soft to. Of course, it was mid summer.

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Try 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Vybar per pound of wax for hardness and to help hold fragrance oil. Those are typical amounts.

There is not exactly a "correct" amount. Like so many things, you have to test and use the amount that works.

The same goes for stearic acid. You can measure that in tablespoons, but the amount to use and whether to add it in addition to Vybar is based on what works. I can't really guess for your situation. Why don't you try the Vybar alone first, then make another candle with Vybar and a few tablespoons of stearic acid and see what seems to be on track to producing what you're looking for.

The 4144 wax is not the easiest to burn. Try not to overload it with additives.

Is it possible that the wavy lines on your candle were "jump lines" from pouring too cool? You should be using a thermometer and pouring around 180.

Hope that helps some.

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The wavy lines were not jump lines, they were ocean like waves on top of the wax I had poured into 5 pound pans. I was mixing the steric and vybar into the wax and then pouring the wax into pan that would hold 5 pounds, so I could have it made up in advance and knock off a pound or two when I needed it. I wanted it already mixed with additives in advance to save time.

Should I not use the 4144? Is there another candlewic paraffin wax that is better to use for making faux food candles? candlewic said novelty candles in the description of the candles. i make candles that look like cinnamon buns, pies and cakes.

I tried without the steric, only vybar and the wax was too soft. It would not even stand up in a pillar, it slumped over in the heat of the summer.

I've been trying for over a 6 months.

And thank you for talking to me

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