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Looking for "Tonka Bean" - Henri Bendel type


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Does anyone have any suggestions on who might carry a Tonka Bean FO? This particular candle has been discontinued from the Henri Bendel line and a very sweet customer is asking me to try to recreate it for her.

I have checked with Sweetcakes, Southern Soapers, Save on Scents, NG, Willowwoods, CS, KY, and am about to check out BCN, Millcreek and Peak.

If anyone can think of another supplier I am completely overlooking, your suggestion would be heartily appreciated. Funny, I have never had to scramble so hard to find a Vanilla FO. Usually it's a case of: "Which Supplier has the best one?" instead of "Does any supplier carry this at all?" LOL!

Thanks for any input!!

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According to the Fragrance Oil Finder, From Nature With Love has a Tonka Bean, also Oregon Trail Soap Supplies. The links to all three of these places are in the "Supplier Abbreviations & Links" thread pinned to the top of this forum. I hths!

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Thank You, mzpickles! I will check out both sites today - not familiar with From Nature With Love but I have heard good things about Oregon Trails so I will keep my fingers crossed that they have the scent my customer is looking for. :cheesy2:

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