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Anyone ever get frustrated with testing!

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I am currently testing cd's after reading more about them. I "thought" I was happy with the zincs and had those figured out. Now I just opened a new can of trouble.

I wanted to test the cdn's as well but JBN is out of the smaller sizes and can't do the sample packs for another week or two. I know there are a couple of more suppliers but I really hate to pay shipping for just wicks so I think I'll test with CD's first and if I am happy then I'll test the cdn's.

I am testing using 6006 with 15% ezsoy added in. I am using Sissie's sugar cookie from BCS and using the high end for fo load since I do have some that I like that I think need a liitle extra fo and wanted to test them at my max amount. Very minimal liquid dye added.

I know this wax is now a hybrid with the extra ezsoy added in.

I am testing 3 containers. the 7.5 inch libbey cube, the 14 oz libbey cube and the 11 oz tureen. The 20 oz tureen is next on mylist.

I know each fragrance will be different and I haven't burned it all the way down yet which will be the true test as I mainly want to see how hot it gets at the bottom half of the container.

Here are my initial thoughts. On the 7.5 inch cube I tested zinc 51-32, cd 16, cd 14, cd12 and cd 10. I thought the cd 14 was the one. I then added the cd 12 and cd 10. I haven't let the cd 10 and cd 12 burn as long yet but I actually think the cd 10 might work which is surprising me.

The 14 oz cube I tried cd20, cd 18, cd 16 and zinc 51-32, and double wicked it with 44-32 and am just now double wicked it with cd5 (I have never tried this one so no idea how hot this will get). I like the cd16 the best so far out of all that I tried. But once again I have only tested it for about 6 hours. I'll have to keep burning to see what I think.

The 11 oz tureen. I double wicked it with zinc 44-20, zinc 44-32, cd 8, cd 10 and cd 12. The cd 12 was too big. the zinc 44-20 strugled to stay alive, the zinc 44-32, cd 8 and cd 10 all seem to be doing about the same which is stumping me. The cd's have a nicer flame than the zinc though.

I haven't tried single wicking this container because I really think it's going to take two wicks. I don't really like big wicks. They seem to produce bigger flames and more soot.

Anyway I still have a lot more burning to do on all of these containers but thought I would share what I am seeing so far. I also can't help but wonder on the containers I am liking the best if it's because I did a better job of centering the wicks by twisting them.

The one thing I don't like about the cd's that I like better with the zinc is that it seems like when you blow them out the cd's smoke a lot more. I always test this as I feel like people are more likely to do this than dip the wicks.

This is just a starting point to get a feel for what I "think" will work in each container. However once I think I have a general feel for the wicks I'll test each fragrance individually.

Edited to add that the 11 oz tureen is 3 1/4 diameter, the 7.5 oz cube is 2.5 and the 14 oz cube is 3 1/4.

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It's rewarding in one sense when you feel like you master something but I feel like I keep making it harder on myself by trying new things!:embarasse Always on the search for the best candle right! I have never played with cd's so it will be interesting to see how it all works out and what I think.

Even though everyone's wax, wicks, containers, yada, yada, yada is different it always helps me to look at someone else's process to get a starting point. I was pretty sure some of what I tried was going to be way off but just had to try it.

Stella I don't know much about cdn other than they use a special chemical process on the wick. Do you have any insight on why it might be advantageous to use these over straight cd's. Just curious.

And yes I can GUARANTEE YOU that there is no lavender being teseted at my house at this point. Only once I am 99% sure I have an idea of what's going to work.;)

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Tired of testing?....definitely...but now consider it a necessary stage of not only new designs but old! With new lots of supplies that can change from lot to lot, I don't want to ever wonder, and I've always been thankful that I do. I just consider it quality control anymore.:cheesy2:

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I hear you guys. I think I am like Isbennis and start thinking hmmm...maybe this combination is really better and will make my candles that much better.

The funny thing is that one of the main reasons I wanted to get away from the zinc was the mushroom and the cd still does it some too (I think they probably all do this a litlte bit) but now I noticed that I think I like the flame on the cd's better. It never ends!:P

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Stella I don't know much about cdn other than they use a special chemical process on the wick.
There's lots written here at CT and on the manufacturer's website about the process.
Do you have any insight on why it might be advantageous to use these over straight cd's.
Nope. The only insight I have is that CDNs work well for me. My motto is that if it ain't broke, I don't fix it. :D Edited by Stella1952
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Stella I don't know much about cdn other than they use a special chemical process on the wick. Do you have any insight on why it might be advantageous to use these over straight cd's. Just curious.

The basic reason that CDN exists is that there are some waxes in which CD won't burn.

All wicking is treated with chemical salts so that it will convey fuel to the flame without itself burning off. CD, however, will still burn off and die in waxes that have a high proportion of (typically) free stearic and palmitic acid. CDN has a stronger chemical treatment that allows it to burn those waxes.

This issue doesn't apply to soy container wax, so both versions will work, but they will burn differently. You can compare them and decide which seems better to you.

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Thank you for the replies. I did a search for cd and cdn online and didn't find a whole lot so I appreciate it. I did look at the wicks unlimited site and got a little bit of information.

I am looking forward to trying them side by side to see what I think. It's like a science project to see how they do!

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