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My version of a shell on a Palm Pillar

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I've been testing since I posted a thread about the wicking for self consumption or for a 'shell' on feather palm pillars. Stella was nice enough to post to that thread with pictures, but I never did get back to the thread, but I really appreciated the advice. I now see she posted a new one with picts of her 'shell' pillars.

I'd like to share a few of mine - as I know many of you love to check out testings pics (as do I !!!) I've added comments to the images - makes it easier to explain what I mean directly on the imagery.

1. Gardenia - the wick was too big - was doing well at self-consuming, but then had a break out - so I gave up on this one as I knew the wick was too big anyway.

2. Black feather palm pillar - about 2 months old. FO: Best Friends; Wick: CDN12.

Testing not complete, but so far so good on the black one.





And now ready to start the burn for the 2nd day - I prefer to burn them for very long hours as I'm sure this is what most people would do.

Oh and the HT was terrific !


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Those are really pretty. I am burning one with a cd10 and is doing good. ordered some samples of CSN's also, have you tried those, any feedback. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, and contributing to the sickness:laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:we all share.


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thanks Linda - definitely a sickness :-)

I haven't used CSNs my suppliers don't carry those. I only have access to CDN and HTPs. Also a ACS - but I believe these may be made particularly for the supplier - so have no idea what they actually equate to. I have purchased a few sizes in the ACS, but these are for testing in my jars not the pillars. I like the way the CDN burns in the pillars - I'm not into all the technicalities about wick treatments etc., that Top is talking about in his testing threads - over my head - though it is interesting :-) I just know what is or isn't working for me so far :-) In any case I don't have access to any LXs either, so can't test those to compare with the CDNs - so have to use what is available to me.

The pillar has been burning for a few more hours now and all is good. I am rotating it to make sure the walls don't burn more on one side than the other, though even if it did burn more on one side, don't think I'd get a breakout - fingers crossed anyway - that's the purpose of this test :)

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Thanks :-)

Yes, they are 3" pillars.

I'm afraid to report that the black one also broke out right at the bottom. I was lying down due to a headache, so wasn't paying too much attention, so not sure why it broke out where it did, because the shell above it was just perfect - one weak spot led to a small fracture and that's where it blew :) The rest of the candle didn't collapse or anything either !

So now will have to test another, but make sure I pay more attention. Luckily I do have another ready to go.

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You can only get the CSN's from Candle Science. CS had Wedo make these wicks specially for them. The CSNs were designed for use in palm wax.

Ah ok, thanks ! I guess I'll have to work around it then, the cost of freight on just shipping some wicks to Au, would be fairly prohibitive I'd think :-(

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