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Berts Shipping & Oils..


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I can't believe it...i ordered less than 2 hrs ago..and my package has already shipped..

i ordered these samples to try in cp soap...if anyone has used these i would lov to know your results....A or D...and how the scent sticks.

fresh pear


oatmeal milk & honey


vanilla non discoloring


coconut lime

strawberries & champane

and my all time favoirte in cp soap...blackraspberry vanilla..

if you have not used this in cp soap..you are missing out..:)

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i didnt like pomegranate i think berts is too tart. coconut lime is good and throw kicks ass in 415. i dont like the smell of strawberries and champagne but it does throw good in my wax and other people like it so i guess thats good lol. black raspberry vanilla is good too. thats the only ones on your list i have.

but i love her apple dumpling, vanilla latte, creme brulee, monkey farts, raspberry brulee, spice/christmas pear. im sure there is more but having a brain fart.

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I have her non-discoloring vanilla and it is the only vanilla I will use in my HP soap. It really does work,..my soap does not turn brown, (atleast for the last 2 months it hasn't, since thats when I made the soap for the first time with it).

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We've CP soaped both Oatmeal Milk & Honey and Honeysuckle....both did very well. The honeysuckle will blow your doors off, so feel free to cut back :)

I agree with the poster above that disliked Bert's Pomegranate....I too was not a fan of hers. I now use the one from TCS (but haven't soaped it)

We soaped Fresh Strawberry from NG....the scent completely morphed out :( I know you didn't ask about that one, but was throwing it in for good measure just in case you had thought about it.

Let us know how the others do....specifically, Gardenia. We use hers and had considered soaping it (but you know how florals can be in CP....tricky little suckers!) lol

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