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The candlemakers store samples

aviator girl

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Okay so I ordered just a few samples from The candlemakers store. Mainly wanted to get some wick stickers from them. I picked up:

Orange Vanilla- I have heard good things about this. OOB I pick up more orage so we'll see how it does in wax

Apple Butter

Christmas eve

Orange Danish- This smells AWESOME OOB

Orange dreamsickle

Can you tell I am looking for an orange fragrance. I have some MC sweet orange chili pepper coming too.

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I don't know what wax that you are using Dee...but I use CBL130 (parasoy) from CW. I tested NG's Orange Sherbert and loved it. One of the ladies in the veterinarian's office said she loved anything orange so I told her I would pour her an Orange Sherbert candle. I delivered it and a couple of other candles that she wanted. A few weeks later when I went to pick up some meds for one of our dogs she told me that the Orange Sherbert candle gave off a terrible fuel smell. I was shocked because I didn't detect it at all when testing...and I told her that. I replaced the candle with Caribbean Pear...which she loved.

Anyway...I had poured 2 Orange Sherbert candles that day...I had the other one here at home. I decided to burn it and....neither I nor my DH detected any fuel smell.

A good friend of mine had bought an Orange Sherbert candle before too...so I called her and asked if she had burned the candle and if it gave off a fuel smell. She said she burned it and no fuel smell. She said...I would know that smell because way back when you were giving me some votive testers...you gave me something orange to test burn and our bathroom reeked of that fuel smell. Which...btw...I tested the same fragrance and mine did too.

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