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What do these mean

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120476 X-Large Flat Braid Candle Wick (42R) 25yds.(75ft.)

This is whats listed in yaleys we for the wick I use that generates the tunneling but only in candles that were bade with color.

But im seing numbers on some of these wicks that look more like bra sizes fir example 62-52-18 C What does that even mean? How do people get all this strainght!

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Each kind of wick has its own numbering scheme for sizes. You just have to get used to them. If you look up a wick at http://www.wicksunlimited.com/candle_wicks.php you can get some idea of which sizes are bigger than others. But to see how they work in candles you have to try them. Sometimes you can get a recommendation for what size to start with in a particular candle.

Yaley sells wick without making it clear what exact size you're buying. It looks like the description you posted might be 42-ply flat braided wick. You will see those one the page I gave you under A & P Ply Wicks.

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