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Floral wreath to wear around your head (kids)?


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My neices had a fit for these fake floral wreaths to wear around their heads we found at a ren faire, but $25 was a bit tooooo much. I figured I could make them for less than that.

Any ideas where to start? Maybe floral wire shaped into a circle, then add fake flowers, then floral tape wrapped around it to keep ends from poking in your scalp? I noticed the ones for sale had curly ribbon dangling from them, but it looked like regular ribbon, not that curling stuff you buy at Christmas. But I could be wrong as I didn't look too closely. Anyway, any methods for this?

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we make these for fiesta all the time.

floral wire or long pipe cleaners twisted together, fake flowers, cut them from the stem but leave enough so that you can wrap around the base or even hot glue them

then wrap with floral tape, wrap again with garland, like stars or whatever else you can find, its that shiny garland wire and then tie curly ribbons onto the back

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They work really well when you use a piece of artificial (silk) vine. Then build on that with dainty silk flowers, and crystal from the wedding section in the hobby store. Then finish it off with satin ribbons in the back. I have made these for flower girls. And just for a day, and for fun, take some Rosemary stems and twist into a wreath shape add ribbon and it makes a wonderful fairy crown. When my daughter was little we did alot of fairy costumes. plus the fresh ones smell fantastic.


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Where do you get curly ribbons? The only ones I know of are the skinny shiny ones you pull across a scissors blade and then decorate Christmas presents with them.

Hi Darbia... For exactly what you need Ribbons?

Interflora is offering huge collection of flowers and flower arrangements along with decorating items. I think you may get all you need for any type of decoration...

anniversary flowers by year

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