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Wick Question

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A 3.1" dia. oval hex jar poured with Ecosoya CB Advanced using both FO and color and a LX 22 wick.

The burn leaves a lot of hangup which doesn't clear later in the burn and the wick drowns out 3 or 4 times until I remove some of the melt.

Thinking I was under wicked, I loaded the same test using a LX 24 Wick. This gave a full melt pool, no hangup and the jar stayed comfortable to the touch. BUT, the wick Mushroomed badly on every burn and the candle burned fast. It now seems a bit over wicked, and there is no LX 23 wick.

I'm have always used LX wicks and know nothing about other kinds, but I do know that if I ask this question here I will get tons of good advise.

Anyone have a suggestion as to another wick for this case?




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Yes I did, as well as different color and FO combinations and it doesn't seem to make much difference. I did not that to same wick in a 3" pillar was good - no mushroom. Odd.

I was wondering what specifically causes the mushroom effect.

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Soy wax can be prone to mushroom, as can certain fragrance oils. In this case, the fast burn of the LX 24 may be contributing.

LX 22 to LX 24 can be a bit of a jump. You might also be experiencing the fact that LX 24 and up are often sold with a different chemical treatment than the lower sizes. Personally I find all of them to be prone to mushrooming in hard-to-burn waxes. I don't know what your other uses have been for LX, but it sounds like you may need to bite the bullet and find an alternative wick type that works better for either this wax or this fragrance.

CD wicks work well with soy and have the advantage of a lot of sizes without big gaps. There is also an alternative chemical treatment available that is sold as CDN wicking. Another worthwhile option is HTP wicks, if those happen to be more convenient for you to obtain.

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