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What do candles cost in countries other than the US?


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What are you guys in Australia and other countries charging for your candles? I ask entirely out of curiosity because I see you regularly posting that you're having to order supplies from US companies, and the shipping is astronomical. I feel badly for you!

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Hi Darbla, it's so nice you're worrying for us overseas!

I finally found local suppliers for waxes, still nothing for FOs and wicks.

Italy is different from Australia also.

The fact (problem) in italy is that buying supplies at fair prices means buying in bulk.

Bulk to me speaking about waxes is at least 400 lbs per order.

I know there is some FO manufacturer, but they won't even answer my requests.

I'm too small, I can't afford buying zillions of this and that.

Anyway I price my candles on the high end. I try to make a unique product, and don't want to be compared to ikea or chinese candles, and since there's really no competitor (and almost no market for high end candles) I can't tell you anything that makes a sense.

For example, my 3x3 palm pillars are priced 15 euros, that is $20 more or less.

My tins are 10 euros=$15.

Probably they could be less.

I try to have a unique look and a fully recognizable brand. LOL, sometimes I think I'm aiming too high!

Thanks for asking!

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Hi Darbla

Although we have to bring stuff in from the US, sometimes it actually works out cheaper.

Fragrances for example range here from around $24 AUD up to about $36 AUD / lb. When I order from the states I get them for around $20 / lb depending on the exchange rate and that is inclusive of shipping.

We have 3 prices for our products, wholesale, market / party plan and retail.

On the website it shows retail pricing so as not to upset our retailers.

We also try to be different to most other people here, whether that be the scents that we use of the look of our products. We have gone for an American look, bordering on prim for some products (which Aussies just don't get) and it seems to be working for us, except for the jelly jars which just dont move at all.

We do some florals and "normal" scents, but many such as snickerdoodel, black licorice, monkey farts and the like are just not available here, and few if any other people that we have come across are willing to take the risk on importing scents.

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