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Looking for Astrolite V or IGI 4641A

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Dose anyone know where to find this? It was called Asrolite V, and now I understand it's called IGI 4641A. Anyway, the place I was getting it from reformulated it and it is now a double pour not a single and not in the pellet form, more like a dry detergent consistency. Whichever, but it's not what they wanted, but is what their selling. I tried it, and I don't like it! I was able to drive there so I saved on shipping but now I'm stuck and use it all the time. :sad2:

I use it for just about anything. Alot of my molds. So! If anyone has any ideas of where to get it I would appreciate it!

Any suggestions on other waxes that are pellet form, or not a solid block that would work in molds with a good scent throw would be good to. Any info would be appreciated! Tia!

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Thank You, and to everyone! I'll check it out! Gotta watch that shipping though. Also looking for anyone wanting to sell. I listed it in the classy's! Thanks Again!

Far as I know, Alabaster carries the AstorV in pellet form. You might want to check there...

I'm looking for a wax that has the detergent consistency you're talking about. Can I as what it is and where you got it from?


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