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Second pour on votives

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Hello. I started "trying" to do a second pour on my votives and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I fill to the top and when cooled then do a second pour. Problem is I am wasting alot and making quite a mess. Should I be filling them to the top? I am using the flair votive molds and ecosoya pb. I didn't like the way they were sinking in the middle so I decided to do this. Should I not fill them to the top on the first pour? I'm pouring 10 degrees hotter on the second pour also. Thanks, Jeanne

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I agree. I had the problem of filling mine too full when I was doing a layered votive and then when I did the repour you could see the pour line on top...worked better when I filled just under the full amount then did the repour.

I have found that it works better if you don't fill them to the top. I fill them almost to the top then do the 2nd pour. That way you don't have as much run over & pour very slowly til the wax just comes to the top.


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