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Which is better or do people prefer

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Boy I sure have a lot of questions lately. I am looking order more colors of dye. I now use the stinky liquid kind. Stella told me that JBN sells the liquid dyes that have no odor. I would like to know before I order anything what the advantage is of one over the other?? :undecided

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Here's the description from JBN's EVO dyes:


Here's the description of the REACH compliant ones from JBN:


If a dye has a stinky or chemical smell, it's because there are stinky harsh chemicals in there. Some folks say they can't smell this in the finished candle, but I was able to smell it when I ordered some other liquid black & burgundy once. I threw them away! The smell isn't the only issue for me. What I care about is not using a dye that has chemicals in it that will make the candle fumes more toxic when burned.

There is a price difference. I think the REACH & EVO dyes are slightly more expensive.

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