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Soap petal discoloring


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i scented my lite pink petals with pink sugar. the color held up well for a little while, but they have now discolored to the brown. not sure why this is, but i have heard that when pink sugar is soped it turns brown HTH

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The browning is often caused by vanilla in the FO..definately the case with Pink Sugar. It can take days or weeks for the browning to occur. To keep this from happening use vanilla stabilizer with your M&P soap. You can get it at WSP or brambleberry(I think)

Works great. I had to research this as one of my wholesale customers was having this problem with just one scent of petals..it of course was the only one with vanilla in it.

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If you buy your fragrances from a company that specializes in soap FO they will state on there if it will discolor your soaps.

You can counter-act that sometimes with certain colorants or a stabilizer that was mentioned above. Like the others have said... anything with vanilla in it discolors to brown, blueberry normally discolors to yellow, baby scents like baby powder discolor to brown, China rain discolors to a light mauve color, etc.



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