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EZ-UPS-anyone see any deals out there!


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I have a really good one, but I need a spare. I just wasted $200 at sams for my EZup to break. So i'm just looking for a cheap 10x10 , i dont even care about the color. Anyone seen them advertised cheaply anywhere?? Hoping to find one at the end of the season discount.

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Yep.. Had that problem last year.. Got an ez-up at sam's and it crumbled the first time out.. I returned it. :mad:

Got a Carvan and it is wonderful..

Easy to put up, take down, and very sturdy....

Call them and see if they have any deals..


Here is the link from last years review..


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I have an EZ UP for several years and it now sits in my shop.

Go to Wal Mart and get a First Up, priced around $80-90. The First Up is lighter, and when folded is smaller to use than the EZ UP. The best feature is its UV liner, makes the tent a few degrees cooler and shades so much better than the EZ UP.

Will not buy another EZ UP. HTH :)

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