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Ma or Nh supplier of soy wax?

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Hello all,

I have been a member for a couple of years( nay2120) but needed to change my account bx I couldn't remember my security info!!:rolleyes2

I had always used The Natural Artisan for my supply bx she was local.

Does anyone know of any other local suppliers in my area?? I am having trouble with google & yahoo not producing much results other than CandleChem. Their soy wax price is just too much.

Thanks so much for any help!!


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I'm in CT and get my soy wax from the Jar Store.....it's currently $59.50 for a 50lb box of C3.....haven't look anywhere else since the Jar Store is local to me and I can save on shipping. One thing I have noticed is they've been out of stock recently and the last time I had to wait 3 weeks for them to get in a new shipment....not so good now that the season is picking up....

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Thanks for all the responses!!

Remembered my password!! Yay!!:yay:

I just placed an order with Fillmore container for C3, and the shipping for 4 boxes was only $90.00, that was cheaper than Candlescience bx their wax price was higher.

It really stinks not having any choices for local suppliers.

CandleChem was going to cost about $100.00 more with OUT shipping!!!:confused: That to me is just crazy!!!

Thanks again for all of the help. I was thinking of giving up the candle business, bx of the supplier issue, but maybe it will be ok.

We'll see....

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