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AH Pumpkin Pie & Banana Walnut


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Ok just tested these.

The Banana Walnut is the nicest smelling banana type candle fragrance I have ever had. It is just really nice. Not too sweet.

The Pumpkin Pie does not have strong cold throw at all so far after a week. I took one and burned it and didn't smell much of anything the first hour but then all of the sudden it filled the room very nicely. Smells very nice. Perhaps this requires a longer cure time? Maybe someone whom has worked with it could tell us!

These were tested in soy.

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I love the Banana Walnut Cake, it is the best scent and so strong. Just makes you go AHHHHHHH :cheesy2:

I tested the pumpkin pie but don't remember, the pumpkin I liked was the gingerbread pumpkin, very different scent. OOB was not sure but when it was burning I decided I liked it, it was very different.

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