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Need help with making car air fresheners


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Hi everybody, I need help in deciding which way to make car air fresheners. I have never done this before. I was looking into making aroma beads and placing them in either a sachet bag or a small glass jar with the daisy cut lids.

I have read that you can put the jars in the cup holders and you can either hang the bags on the mirror or place them under your seat. My concern and question is that I live in Arizona and it gets really hot out here inside the car so I wasn't sure which would be the best for my customers. I don't want them to accidentally spill it and have it stain anything along with I don't want it to leak out of the bag (don't know if aroma beads leak or not).

Please, if anybody makes car air fresheners, please tell me the best way to make them and the best way to package them for my location.

Also if anybody can give me a list of fragrance oils and where they purchase them that work great with the beads that would be wonderful.

I was also wondering if room/linen spray would be a better option for the car air freshener.....any thoughts? What works for you?

Thanks for all your help.

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Hi! I'm really just getting my feet wet in a lot of things, but I have been making aroma bead sachets for a bit and testing them here in the heat of our summer. I tried the jars with the daisy lids here in the house and they didn't get enough air flow in my opinion so I can only smell them when up close. I also noticed that with the organza bags, if I went with the lighter color bags the beads tended to "melt" less that with dark bags. If the beads cure properly I wouldn't worry too much about hanging bags leaking, but I'm not sure about under the seat.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck and be careful because buying the oils can be addictive! :laugh2:

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I usually make the beads mixed with the corn cob. I found that the scent last longer and its more cost effective. I use colored bags and sometimes I will use the while or cream ones and just color the beads. I have made alot of different scents - I just use stuff for whatever the season is. I have some fall ones now - pumpkin pie, harvest, etc.

I have also done the carded air fresheners. They sell okay. i bought some from the classys and just never got around to ordering any more. I did notice at the holidays I would do pine in the shape of a tree or a stocking and they did sell great for the season. but I never had much luck with them.

As for the jars - I never did those either. I was kinda the same way and thought someone would spill them - or people would think it was too large for the car etc.

I would take the sample bottle scents that I had around the 1 oz. and use that to make the airfresheners.

Not sure if I helped ya or not. But wanted to put in my 2 cents too lol

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Don't know if you would consider making the beads into the ornies or not...but that is what I do. Living in Texas, it gets very hot inside the car. I have never had a problem with melting and such. Just a tip though, if you decide to make the aroma ornies, be sure they are thick enough and also punch your hole for stringing far enough from the edge. This will lessen the likelihood of melting. I have good success with these. I sell them for $3, but you may be able to charge a little more.

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