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Selling bath and body with candles


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I currently only sell candles and candle accessories to my customers but I've been doing bath and body for my family for years. I see that a lot of candle makers sell the bath and body products with the candles and I would like to know if this increases your sales. If it does, what bath and body items do you think are vital to sell with the candle choices? Thanks.

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I think they may depend on your area. I started out just doing candles and started doing B&B just a few years ago. The B&B stuff sold so great for me I dropped candles altogether. It was a positive thing for me. People always need soap or lotion.

I would say start out small with it and see how it goes. I never really did match my candle scents to my B&B. Most my candle scents were not skin safe.

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I started out with jar candles, pillars, votives, and tarts and then starting making soap. Now I do only jar candles, soap, lotions, lip balms, and body butter. I sell the b&b stuff all year round--the candles mostly sell during the fall, holidays, and spring rush.

They are fun to do but its getting to be too much for me. I would rather scale down-- a lot-- and just do a few coordinating spa candles that match my b&b. I am wanting to go in that direction anyway and eventually have all matching items but mostly b&b.

Righ now my biggest sellers are soap and lotions. And people ask for matching scents.

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