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I was doing a little searching today and came across this company. I notice members on this board have rave reviews for their oils. I checked out there prices and seem a little higher than some other places I order from. Are their FOs really worth the extra cost? I did not compare a ton of them but the few I did check were all higher.

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They used to be scents for soy and the fragrances were great, I have not had any issues with any fragrance, all were strong, and threw well in soy.

These are ones I have used:

Clean Cotton

Beach House

Harbor Mist

Raspberry Guava

Calabrian bergamot and Violet

Coconut Milk and Peaches

Jasmine Vanilla

Plum and Vanilla

Pumpkin Cheesecake

White Tea and Cactus

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I've ordered from them a few times and so far I haven't felt that any of them weren't worth the $$. I have seen her run a few sales but not often.

I would recommend grabbing a few sample scents.

Salty Sea Air, Vanilla Plum and Blackberry Crisp are my fav's and all throw like mad in my soy/para blend.

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