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Renaming raspberry guava & pumpkin apple butter


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Any suggestions for re-naming these 2 scents? I love the raspberry guava, but it hasn't sold well with that name.

Also, I just tried NG pumpkin apple butter and it screams fall, but I don't think that particular name would sell well. When I saw that name, I thought "weird, apple and pumpkin", but it's a lovely fall scent. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you everybody:)

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That pumpkin apple one just reminds me of apple butter (it lost a lot in soap.) I haven't tried it in wax and want to, so till then, apple butter is the best I can do or maybe you throw a twist on it with country apple butter etc.

As for raspberry guava -- I don't think it's as sweet as guavaberry, but have you thought anything about Island Escape or just Escape or Gone Coastal etc. Those kind of scents make me think islands.

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