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Just wanted to share... had a small show today. It's the Santa Shop, a craft show for kids to come shop for people. Everything is $8 or less, so not so great for profit but it's such a fun show to do that my friend and I do it every year.

This year I featured some soap from a local soapmaker, beautiful CP soap. Overall total sales were just shy of $400. $90 to my friend, $220-ish for me and $75 for the soap lady. I consider that pretty darned good for an $18 table fee and a 3 hour show. :yay:

I do have pics, but they are on my phone. Who knows when they will get transferred off. :rolleyes2

I did notice the trend other people have been mentioning. Mostly cash sales, only 2 checks and 1 credit card. Largest sale was for $38 and that was the jewelry. So people are spending, but not a lot. The best thing was this is the 3rd year we did this show and people remembered us and were glad to have us back. That was a truly awesome feeling.

I have one more show at work on Wednesday. Could have done a few more but just couldn't do them without going insane. *sigh*

Hope other shows went well, too!

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