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Still confused- preservatives for bought lotion bases?


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I still am not quite sure which preservatives to use. I don't make my own bases- I buy them . Why didn't the suppliers advise to add them with their direction? Is the preservatives already in there ( all I have been adding is fo) As mentioned, I never had a problem until recently and then I broke out in a very very bad rash.

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Now I am confused....this is cut and pasted from your other post....

I just started making homemade lotions and creams for personal use and give to friends. My first batches were used up quickly(I made smaller quantities ) Anyways, I got bigger jars on sale- I think 16 oz

For the first time I had a very bad reaction when I used my lotion. It was oatmeal honey and had turned a yucky brown but I had that problem before and assumed it was because I didn't use a stablizer for the vanilla in it. However, I am now wondering if something had gone wrong with my body cream because I don't use preservatives either and this body cream has taken me over a month to use( I have several different scents)


1. Should I use a preservative and not even sure what to use or where to buy

2. Could my rash have been caused by mold or something from not using it?

Thanks for any advise

Now this post says you bought them....not trying to be smart but which one is it....did you make the lotion that gave you the rash or did you buy a base? There is a difference.

If its a base, there should be preservative already in place, enough to cover the addition of fo added to the manufacturers recommendations. Contact the company you bought it from to find out exactly what can and what cannot be added to their base.

If it is a homemade lotion, it has water in it, therefore, it needs to be preserved or the uglies will grow in your lotion. There are many preservatives out there and you should research to find out the preservative you are most comfortable with....

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Sorry for the confusion- I guess you can tell I am a real rookie. :) I wish I had the courage to actually make the lotion from scratch like you guys do. I meant buy a base and then add stuff to it.

The place I buy the base from validated I didn't need to add preservatives and I probably used fo not friendly for soap or used too much. I just thought it was strange I never had a problem and then all of a sudden it was really bad.

Maybe after a year of buying the base, I will get brave and try to do it myself. I wonder if it is cheaper doing it that way if you just do it for a hobby. I know just getting the base and customizing it is cheaper than a store( especially with the scrubs- they charge a fortune for them)

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