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Twist up tubes


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I'm running low on the .75 oz twist up tubes I used for lotion tubes. Can't seem to find them anywhere (but if anyone knows someone who carries them ... please let me know). So likely need to find a new look and as much as I want to stay with .75 oz ... I do not want to go above 1 oz sizes. I completely had the deodorant style look ... any suggestions out there?

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Lemme see if this would give you an idea.

I, once upon a time, bought from bayousome and then WSP and now can't find them there or really anywhere. I can find the .50 oz, but too small. I can't even find the 1 oz twist up ones that Elements used to carry (could swear it was her lol.)





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I found a company that may carry them, but their website is down for re-design. Here is their contact info:

Brad-Pak Enterprises Inc.

124 South Ave.

Garwood, NJ 07027

Tel: 908/233-1234

Fax: 908/233-9656

This is the search info that led me to believe they might have them - the links are taking me nowhere because the site is down.

BP Number:. PR-GEL-UN-PLSTK. Description:. 2 OZ GEL PROPEL-REPEL UNIT. BP Number

:. PR-UN-.75-PLSTK. Description:. WHITE PROPEL REPEL UNIT .75 OZ ...


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I recently brought some of these same tubes. I put my mixure in them and it leaked out. Should I wait until my mixture is a lot more solid before attempting to fill? Or is there another trick I can try?

Which tubes? The ones I'm talking about or the 1 oz push ups?

If you're referring to what I really want, pour a little cooler.

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