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Whatch Making This Weekend


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An absolute mess ... OK just cleaned up after making an absolute mess and then they cut the water to replace a waterline, so worked a little on my website.

May do something yet tonight, but really trying to figure out how to make NG's Christmas Splendor smell like something other than orange clove. Here I was expecting something a little different, but that's all I'm picking up.

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My 14 year old GD spent the night with me, and we made soap, bath salts and lotions.

CP Soap

Fruit Slices w/ soap shreds

Curve for Men

Tropical Islands

Bath Salts



Pure Seduction

Cucumber Melon

Warm Vanilla

Imagine Happiness

We had a ball, and I am so tried.:yay:

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Decided at the last minute to do a small show next Saturday, so I've been pouring pumpkin candles and bundt cakes. Did a couple of pillars, but I'm going back and forth between two houses and can't seem to get everything together this way! ;)

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I am still prepping for a Christmas Sale I was asked to do =)

I am making 100 Grubby Loaf Candles and all embedded so different.. UGH....

I would not have taken it on but last year I did so well I could;nt resist..

I have 10 scents thats it for them too..

Chocolate Chip


Toasted Marshamallows

Maple Pecan and Brown Sugar

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar ( LOVE this one)

Cherry Jubilee

Sugar Plums and Spice

Cinnamon Bun

Cinnamon Stix

Caramel Corn

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