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Has anyone ever bought fragrance from The Candle Source that can tell me the strength of their oils in bath & body products, room freshners and lotions. Their prices are so reasonable I was wondering if the product was really good at those prices.

Thanks in Advance for your input...:yay:

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I've bought several for both candles and b&b and have never been disappointed. Yes, their prices are reasonable as well as fantastic customer service. If you do a search on here, I think you'll find a ton of positive remarks and suggestions. :)

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Great prices and customer service. Off the top of my head I like ...

Apples & Evergreen

Pumpkin Carrot Streusel

Pumpkin Vanilla

Frosted Cup Cake

J&J Bedtime Bath

Cranberry Peach Cider

Pink Sugar

Sage & Citrus

Cinnamon & Sandalwood

Be Delicious


Sorry, didn't realize that you were asking about b&b; I've only used their fo's in candles.

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:yay: Thanks everyone for your replies, I will definitely give them a try. They have everything I am looking for with the great prices, customer services and fast shipping, what more can you ask for. Candlebuddy, thanks for the break down in the ones you like also.

Have a blessed one,

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TCS sells some of my absolute favorite scents (Black Magic and Fresh Cut Roses leap to mind) but my luck with them has been a bit hit and miss in b&b. Anything with vanilla in it has a tendency to discolor BADLY. Their Lemon Meringue Pie (another favorite) turned my lotion base nearly black.

The scents can also morph in cp soap.

But they are good, strong oils. They just require testing in b&b applications. The Soap Scent Review board might be a good place to check too.

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