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Room Temperature


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It does in my case....

Now that we've had some cooler temps here, I'm getting sink holes :( But my handy dandy heat gun fixes that! :grin2:

You can search and find info from Fredron....he posted a while back about a box he made with styrofoam lining to help cool them as slowly as possible. perhaps he'll pipe in .....

The trick though is that when you have cooler temps, you want to cool them as slowly as possible with whatever method you can.

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You can control your own cooling rate, summer or winter, by building my cooling boxes. I make them from styrofoam insulation used for home building. A sheet costs about $10.00. Buy the 5/8" thick stuff. You can cut it with a razor knife. 1 sheet will make 2 good sized boxes with lids. I use panelling glue to put them together, and duct tape to reinforce the corners. You want a glue that will stay somewhat tacky, not become brittle.

The purpose of the box is to retard the cooling process, and avoid rapid shrinking of the wax, which can cause wet spots. Candles placed in the box will be set up, but warm to the touch in the morning after pouring.

One thing though, these boxes MUST be sitting on a solid surface, beacuse they do not have much strength to hold a load.

My boxes have lasted for at least 4 years, and are still in good shape.

Good luck,


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