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Painted soap?


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I came across a vendor at a craft sale (it was a vendor selling wood items and various crafty things) and she was selling painted bars of soap.

I've never EVER seen colors like this. In fact, I personally beleive that these were commercial paints and NOT soap paints. They even had a crackling effect on them.

There was a note on them saying to use them from the bottom up (they were commercially made bars with a deco painting on the other side) and not to get the top wet! WTF?

They LOOKED fantastic, but didn't seem safe to me at all! Is anyone aware of a legit technique like this? It was NOT printed paper embedded into the soap either. You could see the brush strokes like it was an oil painting.

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Painting soap sucks. I hated it and won't do it again.

Another example of idiots trying to make a buck at the expense of consumer health.

I do believe it would be totally different if the soap in question was labeled "for decorative use ONLY", not for human consumption or something like that, but suggesting bottom up? Huh? I dunno about ya'll, but I can't hang onto soap by one side alone and I certainly don't want to drop the soap trying to hold onto just the bottom.

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