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Hi Guys,

I want to make round 41mm labels. I have a template but I need to use Adobe (there is another template but I can't use that one either). Does have an EASY (for idiots) template? I can print them? I am STUCK STUCK STUCK.

I have templates for:

41mm / 1.6 "

57mm / 2.2 "

65mm / 2.5"

71mm / 2.8"



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Have you tried Avery Design Pro? I know I read on here somewhere that it wasn't user friendly but I found that it was and you can download it free from the Avery site; the limited version is free. Also, somewhere on here I read about a program by Novel called Labelmaker its $30 on amazon.com.

I made some sample labels using Avery as a part of my business plan presentation and actually one of the small details that sold my plan. I think the circle label is 2" though.....lemme go and look.

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