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Glass Glow Wax

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I have been using candlescience glass glow wax for awhile now to make my tarts. Up until today I never used a thermometer as I didn't have one and just kind of wung it. I would melt the wax, vybar and color in a double boiler, let it sit for 5 minutes, add fragrance, stir for a minute or so and then pour. I'm still pretty new at using palm wax. I've only made maybe 20#'s worth of palm tarts.

Well when following the directions at candlescience I got awful results, no crystalization and they popped right out of my mold. The tops reminded me of a tortoise shell and honestly they had a soy like appearance.

Ok even doing this my own way it is still continuing to happen, would the fo do this? Out of 5 fragrances only 1 turned out as it should. What am I doing wrong???

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