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Perfumy scent ?


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I use 464 and I am looking to sample some perfumy scents. I can only test from 1 supplier at the moment and I am looking for suggestions that will throw good in my wax....LOL (trying to save some money!):rolleyes2

I read through alot of threads tonight and I am still undecided and most of the threads were old. Thanks in advance!!! Emily

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My first 2 suggestions would also be: Pink Sugar & Love Spell. I get my favorite versions of them from Indiana Candle Supply (ICS:www.candlesupplys.us). I use them for b&b & they have been the best, strongest dupes so far.




Next I'd say, Love Spell, Pink Sugar, Fantasy & Be Delicious from The Candle Source (www.thecandlesource.com). Like I said, I only do B&B, but maybe someone else can chime in on how they do in wax. For b&b they are good dupes at very reasonable prices. http://thecandlesource.com/id1.html

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If you are trying to stay with one supplier, the one that I found to have the most "Perfume Types" was Aroma Haven.

AH/RE has:

Interlude (T.Mugler Angel)

Pink Sugar (SNC version)

Little Black Dress

Sweet Amber Musk

Gardenia Lily

Issey Miyake (unisex)

Satsuma (citrus)

These all threw extremely well in my wax (4627, 10 %, eco wick). A six ounce jar did my open floor plan (LR, DR, Kitch).

Good Luck,


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Thanks so much for your replies!!!!!! I want to try them all..LOL

Some of the suggestions I have absolutely got to have... Little black dress.. satin sheets.... and lots more. I didn't even KNOW I could get scents like this!!! LOL:yay: Been testing to much and not looking around...

Thanks again,


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